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I specialize in John Barnes Myofascial Release techniques.


myofascial releaseMyofascial Release is excellent for reducing pain and limited mobility. I am trained in John Barnes myofascial release techniques. Fascia is a strong, elastic and viscous web of connective tissue that surrounds, supports and connects every muscle, bone, vessel, and organ in the body.    When fascia becomes inflexible, due to physical trauma, surgery, inflammation, and emotional bracing habits it restricts healthy joint movement and organ function, causing pain and other symptoms. Restricted fascia can pinch nerves and blood vessels causing chronic pain, and reducing healthy blood flow. Myofascial release helps restore fascia to its naturally flexible state through gentle, three dimensional stretches that are held for an extended period of time. Myofascial release addresses the whole body because this 3-dimensional "spider-web" is continuous from head to toe and front to back and restriction in one area may cause symptoms elsewhere. During treatment the tension or "pull" of a fascial restriction may be felt deep within the body or even in another area. As the client becomes aware of tension or long held bracing patterns in their body, the opportunity to soften and let go for long term change is created. As the tissue releases or "unwinds" the client may lie still or move if needed.    

*All clients are asked to wear exercise shorts and a tank top or undergarments for treatment to allow for comfortable movement as needed.


I provide 70 minute sessions (includes assessment, treatment and dressing)  

By Appointment Only: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Call, email, or text to schedule an appointment and please give your day and time preference along with your name and number.


All clients will be required to fill out a Health Intake and Session Policies form prior to their first visit. If you need to cancel your appointment, kindly give 24 hours notice.   


Kelly Hochheimer
Licensed Massage Therapist
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