Kelly Hochheimer, LMT

About the Practitioner

My name is Kelly Hochheimer and I am a New York  State Licensed Massage Therapist and was a faculty member at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany, NY for 12 years. I have been passionately practicing and exploring holistic bodywork for the past 14 years and I believe the most effective massage is achieved by addresses specific imbalances in the body. Each technique I use focuses on specific needs of the tissues that compose our bodies. In addition to traditional Swedish massage, I have specialized training in John Barnes myofascial release, and medical massage techniques. It is my goal to provide therapeutic massage to wellness-minded individuals in a respectful and peaceful environment. 

I work in partnership with my clients and believe that your massage should be as individual as you are. I strive to provided each client with the best massage treatment for reaching their individual goals. I use my skills and your awareness to create positive change in your bodyI will take the time to find out what you want to gain from your massage.  Once we determine the goal of your massage session, I use a variety of bodywork techniques to provide the best massage possible to achieve that goal.  Your comfort is always important.  

Massage can provide a unique opportunity to increase physical and emotional health. It is my intention that you feel safe, comfortable and secure as you allow me to support your healing process. 

I also believe in educating and empowering clients so that they can extend their recovery beyond the massage session and continue to increase the comfort they feel on a daily basis and to promote self-healing. I continue to build my skills so that I may offer my clients the best bodywork options for their individual needs.

As a licensed professional, I uphold the highest ethical standards of professional massage therapy.  In order to establish safe and effective massage techniques for your well-being, I require a complete health history before beginning massage work.  Your privacy is always respected and personal information is kept strictly confidential. The success of my practice is built on personalized service, trust, expertise, and professionalism

If  you have general questions about receiving massage therapy or specific questions about the how massage works, please feel free to contact me by phone or email for more information.   

Kelly Hochheimer 
Licensed Massage Therapist
6 Executive Park Dr., Entrance D
Albany, NY 12203