Kelly Hochheimer, LMT

Testimonials and Reviews

Client Testimonials:

"Kelly does excellent work. She is extremely knowledgable, attentive, and skilled in her craft. Her professionalism, the result of years of education, teaching and training, were obvious to me after my massage, which helped me enormously. I cannot recommend Kelly highly enough."              
  -Dr. Mark Nelson MD, FACC, MPH

"I began receiving therapy from Kelly about a year ago for pain, stiffness, and restricted range of motion in my neck and shoulders. Kelly has restored full freedom of movement in my neck and has improved pain-free mobility in my shoulders. Kelly listens to what you say and senses how your body is responding to her treatment. Kelly's therapy has greatly enhanced my physical well being. I can't praise her and her work enough."                  


     "Kelly is an outstanding massage therapist.   She is very knowledgeable, confident and competent.  I always have the sense that she really listens to my concerns and formulates a treatment individualized for my needs.   Every visit is different depending on my concerns which have ranged from low back/hip pain to neck/shoulder pain.  She was able to help me get relief from chronic neck pain that visits to my doctor (muscle relaxants) and chiropractor did not help. I appreciate that she also gives me suggestion for things I can do at home to continue to heal.   Her office is soothing and professional; just walking in relaxes me!  I have never felt that she is rushed or that her mind is elsewhere.
      I cannot thank Kelly enough for introducing me to my now favorite massage technique: myofacial release.  I can only describe it as very gentle and painless, yet incredibly deep and intense.  It definitely gives me an awareness of my body, both physically and mentally, that I didn’t have before.  And this has carried over into my daily life.  Working with Kelly has changed my life for the better. On a five star scale, Kelly ranks a ten."                       


"I have been seeing Kelly for a number of years. As we are told over and over stress is the source of many of our problems. Kelly's hands on skill immediately puts you at ease. Her skills are above and beyond any other body works treatments I have had."                      -Jim


I have been receiving massage therapy from Kelly since I was recovering from a back injury in 2008. She not only helped ease the pain from that but, through regular sessions and healthy suggestions, has helped keep me from recurring lower back aches. She has shown me stretching exercises targeting my specific problem areas. I have tried a variety of different massage techniques Kelly provides and have never been disappointed with the level of relaxation I have attained. I would recommend Kelly to anyone looking for stress relief through massage therapy."  


Kelly Hochheimer
Licensed Massage Therapist

6 Executive Park Dr., Entrance D
Albany, NY 12203